Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keep your Hands Germ Free with Hand Sanitization

Wherever soap and water are not found, hand sanitizers are the ideal choice. Hand sanitizers are a very effective way to wash your hands in non washable circumstances. Hand sanitization works by stripping away the outer oily layer of the skin and therefore prevent bacteria from coming to the surface of the hand. Waterless hand sanitizers kill 99.9 % of germs and also leave your hands non sticky and clean.

In order to be effective hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol. Also for the use of hand sanitizer to be effective certain directions should be followed. First apply an ample amount of sanitizer on your hands, then rub your hands together repetitively. Work the sanitizer between your fingers, on the backs of your hands, fingertips and under the nails. Finally just rub your hands dry and your set.

Hand sanitization can help stop the spread of germs the more widely it's used. Make sure to use it after you sneeze, cough or blow your nose and after you use the restroom or change diapers. Also use it after you tie your garbage bags or handle garbage in any way. To keep yourself and your family healthy use hand sanitizers before and after you prepare or eat food in addition to before and after touching a cut or open sore. Vigorously washing your hands for 20 seconds is a truly effective method but alcohol based hand sanitizers are considered a convenient alternative but is very useful specially when you're on the go. Hand sanitizers are very useful as well after you have used public transportation, touched an animal or a grocery cart for all that matters.
Hand sanitization can be done through hand sanitizing wipes or alcohol based wipes whichever is more convenient for you. Your children's health is precious and needs lots of protection. In order to be more self assured about your child's health at school, always supply them with enough hand sanitizers at school and show them how to use it. Telling your children to use it without understanding could lead to their neglect but telling and showing them how important hand sanitization is and how it protects them could get much better results. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are also used extensively in hospital environment as an alternative to antiseptic hand soaps as they provide better skin tolerance due to their moisturizing and skin softening effects. In hospital environments hand sanitizers are either used for hygienic hand rubbing or surgical hand disinfection. From the most famous brands of hand sanitizers is Purell, the number one doctor recommended hand sanitizer. Wether portable or used in dispensers Purell hand sanitizers are for multi-purpose use; at work, at school, when travelling, commuting or even at your work out place. Use it anytime, anyplace, without water or towels leaving your hands feeling fresh with no residue.


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