Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Introducing Innovative Product Line: Sirane Food Packaging’s Sira-Cook™/Ready. Chef. Go!™

This past month our team members visited one of our vendors located here in Atlanta, GA and vetted the Sirane Food Packaging product line. While there, they received a demonstration on how effective and easy to use the products are. Even more so, they were impressed on how well the food came out. 

There is a wide range of cooking bags – allowing you to cook, microwave, bake, or grill your food. Their line includes the new Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ for oven, griddles, hot-plates and barbecues, and the Si-bag™ and award-winning Self-Seal™ bag – which are cooking bags perfect for the oven or microwave.

One benefit to the sealable bags, is they can be used as in store counter bags – from butcher shops to groceries stores this is worth the investment. Whether it is microwave convenience food or cook-in bags, Sirane provides the answers. Offering an easier and even quicker solution to delicious “ready-to-cook” meals for customers who are constantly on the go – and with less clean-up, which equals more time at home to be with family and even lesser waste - it’s the perfect marketing tool to sell your food products and get them off the shelves quickly.

Just take a look at the samples below:

A few of our team members can be quoted as saying “I never would have thought fish in the microwave would taste so good or be so moist, it’s practically restaurant quality”. 


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