Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Q & A with Reliable Paper: How to clean stainless steel partitions?

Several years ago our customer George asked our owner Brick, the following question...

"We have restrooms in the buildings we clean that have stainless steel partitions for toilets and urinals. It is so time consuming to wipe on and buff with a clean rag and still we get smudge swirls etc. The restrooms are fairly new 2 years. Will sponges make it easy and do a better job than the spray on fuller prods we use. I am told to use vinegar or WD40. Please help!!!"
   - George

Brick's Answer: 

"I think that most people use entirely too much metal polish when they are dealing with stainless steel. I would start by totally removing all of the polish from your partitions (any degreaser will work). Next, I apply a very small amount of polish, my preference is a water based one like the chase 5153. From then on, the trick is to maintain on a daily basis using a soft cloth and polishing only the areas with smudges etc. Spray the polish onto the cloth only, not the stainless steel. I hope this helps. Not only should you have better looking stainless steal partitions, but your cost should go down as well. "
   - Brick

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