Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Q & A with Reliable Paper: Stripper, Sealer, and Finish Requirements for Redoing Floors

One of the most often asked questions from a new customer when presenting a Floor Care System is:

"How much stripper, seal, and finish will I need to purchase to redo my floors?"

To best estimate your customers floor care needs, assume he will do a complete refinish job on the floor area.

This consists of the following:

1. Complete removal of all old finish.
2. Sealing the stripped floor with two coats of sealer.
3. Application of at least four coats of floor finish.

The product requirements are for each 1000 square feet of floor: 

1/2 gallon of FINISH per coat X 4 coats = 2 GALLONS of FINISH
1 gallon of SEAL per coat X 2 coats = 1 GALLON of SEALER
1 gallon of STRIPPER

Floors can vary a great deal in porosity, and the old finish that must be removed from the floor varies in difficulty of removal. Therefore, the figures shown above are only an estimate for average conditions. They are based on published coverage data and are accurate enough for estimating purposes to establish an order size.

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