Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who is Cellucap?

Cellucap is a manufacturer of disposable apparels - mainly for the foodservice and restaurant industry.

They like to say Cellucap means disposable apparel. They have invested nearly fifty years establishing their status in the disposable apparel business by taking pride in their products, customers and future. From hairnets and chef hats to protective gowns and custom apparel, Cellucap products serve a variety of markets throughout the world.

You can review their product line here:

Hairnets and Koronets 
Cellucap is also the largest manufacturer of hairnets in the world and the only manufacturer in North America. Indeed this is something to take pride of since the products that they create are truly one of a kind. Their hairnets and koronets offer unbeatable product value, affordable quality, optimal fit and comfort that lets you breathe. Cellucap is the most widely worn products of their kind in the world.

Chef Hats 
Chef hats are a staple in most kitchens. The taller the hat means the greater the experience. But would you believe that originally, the number of pleats on a chef hat represented the number of ways a chef could prepare an egg? While this criteria may be old-fashioned, the Cellucap line of chef hats is definitely not! They are designed for both form and function where these hats provide a comfortable fit and effective protective barrier.

Bouffants are worn to prevent minute particles from entering or reaching products or equipment. Cellucap bouffants are made without the sometimes skin irritating rubber latex.

Caps and Visors 
Cellucap caps and visors are perfect for food handling, institutional or even industrial environments. They even come in four color custom printing to coordinate with the traditional uniforms or d├ęcor. Private laels can be printed inside the headbands. This serves useful during functions and special events.

Cellucap offers glove styles from vinyl to latex and polyethylene ultra thin models provide excellent sensitivity and dexterity. Heavier ambidextrous models with seamless construction are suited for industrial use.

Coats, Jackets and Shirts 
Whether you need a lightweight visitor’s coat or a more complete coverage to protect against chemical exposure, Cellucap has a wide variety of non-woven fabric choices. Their apparel products are known for their generous patterns to assure freedom of movement. They are also ideal for food preparation and food processing and are available in all sizes from small to X-large. White is the chosen standard color although other colors and sizes are also available.

Pants, Jumpsuits and Coveralls 
Usually pants coordinate with the shirts but they can also be ordered and worn separately as pleased! Available sizes are also from Small to X-Large. With white as standard, other colors are also made available.

Jumpsuits and Coveralls 
Cellucap jumpsuits and coveralls come in zipfront coverage to facilitate all kinds of cleanups. Aside from the S to XL sizes, larger sizes up to 5XL are available.

Shoe and Boot Covers 
Cellucap is also confident that they can really satisfy every food service foot needs with their large collection. Everybody is welcome to try out the available selections. The shoe and boot covers come in dispenser boxes or bulk packaging.


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