Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is High Efficiency Laundry Detergent?

Horizontal-axis washers (front-loaders) use 1/3 - 2/3 less water than vertical-axis machines (top-loaders), saving valuable water and energy resources. However, less water also means regular laundry detergents do not dissolve as easily and can leave soap residue on your clothes.

The tumbling action of an horizontal-axis machine is gentler on fabrics but adds more air to the water as your clothes are plunged into and lifted out of the water. This creates more suds than a conventional top-loading washer would, and excess suds can overflow and actually damage a front-loading machine.

To prevent excessive sudsing when using regular detergents in an horizontal-axis washer, it is often necessary to use substantially less detergent. However, using less detergent can result in poor cleaning. As a result, it is best to use a specially formulated low sudsing laundry detergent with a front load washer. This is where high efficiency laundry detergent comes into play.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Green Cleaning Products

Going Green?

Are there children, food, or pets in the environment you clean? If you answered yes, than if for no other reason than that, you should consider using green products when you clean. Typical cleaners have many harsh chemicals, equally harsh smells, and produce an environment that can be toxic. There are several chemicals with long hard to pronounce names that should be avoided. Below is a list of some of the chemicals, and the usual type of product you may find it in.

Alkyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanols
Laundry detergents, all-purpose and hard surface cleaners, floor care products, degreasers, deodorizers, contraceptives, personal care products, hair colorings, shampoos and conditioners.

Chlorine laundry bleach, dishwasher detergents, cleaning products, and municipal drinking water supplies. Organochlorines are found in cleaners, pesticides, and many other products.

Room deodorizers, germicides, personal care products.

Glycol Ethers 
All-purpose cleaners, window and glass cleaners, spray cleaners, scouring powders, brake fluid, perfumes and cosmetics.

Mothballs and other strong-smelling chemical insect repellents, urinal cakes and toilet bowl deodorizers, solid room deodorizers.

Insect sprays, baits, traps, and repellents, weed killers, rodent poisons, mildew treatments and preventatives.

Volatile Organic Compounds 
Oven cleaners, paint removers and strippers, degreasers, all-purpose cleaners, polishes and waxes, glass cleaners, spot removers, air fresheners and odor removers, perfumes and fragrances.

Those chemicals are a mouthful. Unfortunately we have been exposed to many of these for a long time in the products we use. They are said to cause everything from breathing problems, developmental problems, liver problems, and cancer. You might say that all this time I have been using regular products, and I haven’t been affected. But, why take a chance? If you are just starting to “go green”, why not start with green cleaning products.
Reliable Paper has an entire section dedicated to GREEN products.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who is Cellucap?

Cellucap is a manufacturer of disposable apparels - mainly for the foodservice and restaurant industry.

They like to say Cellucap means disposable apparel. They have invested nearly fifty years establishing their status in the disposable apparel business by taking pride in their products, customers and future. From hairnets and chef hats to protective gowns and custom apparel, Cellucap products serve a variety of markets throughout the world.

You can review their product line here:

Hairnets and Koronets 
Cellucap is also the largest manufacturer of hairnets in the world and the only manufacturer in North America. Indeed this is something to take pride of since the products that they create are truly one of a kind. Their hairnets and koronets offer unbeatable product value, affordable quality, optimal fit and comfort that lets you breathe. Cellucap is the most widely worn products of their kind in the world.

Chef Hats 
Chef hats are a staple in most kitchens. The taller the hat means the greater the experience. But would you believe that originally, the number of pleats on a chef hat represented the number of ways a chef could prepare an egg? While this criteria may be old-fashioned, the Cellucap line of chef hats is definitely not! They are designed for both form and function where these hats provide a comfortable fit and effective protective barrier.

Bouffants are worn to prevent minute particles from entering or reaching products or equipment. Cellucap bouffants are made without the sometimes skin irritating rubber latex.

Caps and Visors 
Cellucap caps and visors are perfect for food handling, institutional or even industrial environments. They even come in four color custom printing to coordinate with the traditional uniforms or d├ęcor. Private laels can be printed inside the headbands. This serves useful during functions and special events.

Cellucap offers glove styles from vinyl to latex and polyethylene ultra thin models provide excellent sensitivity and dexterity. Heavier ambidextrous models with seamless construction are suited for industrial use.

Coats, Jackets and Shirts 
Whether you need a lightweight visitor’s coat or a more complete coverage to protect against chemical exposure, Cellucap has a wide variety of non-woven fabric choices. Their apparel products are known for their generous patterns to assure freedom of movement. They are also ideal for food preparation and food processing and are available in all sizes from small to X-large. White is the chosen standard color although other colors and sizes are also available.

Pants, Jumpsuits and Coveralls 
Usually pants coordinate with the shirts but they can also be ordered and worn separately as pleased! Available sizes are also from Small to X-Large. With white as standard, other colors are also made available.

Jumpsuits and Coveralls 
Cellucap jumpsuits and coveralls come in zipfront coverage to facilitate all kinds of cleanups. Aside from the S to XL sizes, larger sizes up to 5XL are available.

Shoe and Boot Covers 
Cellucap is also confident that they can really satisfy every food service foot needs with their large collection. Everybody is welcome to try out the available selections. The shoe and boot covers come in dispenser boxes or bulk packaging.

Brewing Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is NATURALLY BREWED from the basic ingredients of soybean, wheat, salt and water.


Wheat is roasted and grounded while the soy beans are steamed.
Mold starter is then mixed with the wheat and soybeans.


Mixture of Koji is cultured for 2 days.
This process is critical to final color, aroma, and flavor.
Koji is then mixed with brine salt and water to make up moromi mash.


Moromi Mash is fermented in tanks for 6 months.


Matured Moromi is filtered to extract raw soy sauce.
The moromi residue or soy sauce cake is used for animal feed.


Raw soy sauce is heated to pasteurize.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Q & A with Reliable Paper: Stripper, Sealer, and Finish Requirements for Redoing Floors

One of the most often asked questions from a new customer when presenting a Floor Care System is:

"How much stripper, seal, and finish will I need to purchase to redo my floors?"

To best estimate your customers floor care needs, assume he will do a complete refinish job on the floor area.

This consists of the following:

1. Complete removal of all old finish.
2. Sealing the stripped floor with two coats of sealer.
3. Application of at least four coats of floor finish.

The product requirements are for each 1000 square feet of floor: 

1/2 gallon of FINISH per coat X 4 coats = 2 GALLONS of FINISH
1 gallon of SEAL per coat X 2 coats = 1 GALLON of SEALER
1 gallon of STRIPPER

Floors can vary a great deal in porosity, and the old finish that must be removed from the floor varies in difficulty of removal. Therefore, the figures shown above are only an estimate for average conditions. They are based on published coverage data and are accurate enough for estimating purposes to establish an order size.