Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Difference Between Single-Fold, C-Fold, and Multi-Fold Paper Towels


Single fold, c-fold, and multi-fold paper towels are standard types of paper towels offered in commercial bathrooms. This includes bathrooms located in places like retail stores, churches, office complexes, public buildings, schools and hotels.  C-fold and multi-fold fit in paper towel dispensers, and many dispensers accommodate either type.  Single fold towels use different dispensers.


The sizes of vary by manufacturer.   They are approximately 9 to 13 inches long by 9 to 12 inches wide when opened up.  When closed, they are approximately 3 to 5 inches wide.  When purchasing towels for a dispenser, measure the dimensions of the dispenser to determine what size to order.

Paper Towel Buying Guide - Features

Paper Towel Features


The strength of the paper towel refers to how much weight a wet towel can withstand before it tears. You can determine the strength of different paper towels by wetting the towel, holding two ends of the paper towel and then adding weight. The towel that can hold the most weight is the strongest. The strength of the paper towel may vary depending on how wet it is. Test towels by using a few drops of water, a medium amount of water and then a paper towel that is soaking wet.


The absorbency of paper towels has two different factors: the amount of water that can be absorbed and how fast the liquid is absorbed. A paper towel that can quickly pick up liquid and pick up a large amount of liquid is the most absorbent. When testing the different paper towels make sure you use a fixed size, as not all paper towels are the same size. You will have to cut all of the paper towels to one size.