Wednesday, September 4, 2013 Top 10 Ways to Remove Baked On Grease from your pots and pans

Reliable Paper Inc Top 10 Ways to Remove Baked On Grease from your pots and pans.

1. Place a Bounce Fabric SoftenerBounce Fabric Softener Sheet into the pan with a bit of water. Leave it overnight and the next morning, the grease will wipe right off.

2. SOS Pads cut grease and provide scouring power without abrasiveness.

3. Steel wool pads work very well in scrubbing away baked on grease as long as you don't mind a little scrubbing.

4. We hear a little Natural Baking Soda baking powder and Mr Clean Erasers has been successful at removing baked on grease, too.

5. Natural Baking Soda Baking powder and water create a paste that seems to be a good fume free option. It also seems to be the cheapest way to clean baked on grease.

6. Easy Off oven cleaners and degreasers are great at removing baked on grease from pots, pans and of course ovens.

7. Soapy water and Ammoniaammonia is an option, but make sure your place is ventilated good.

8. Soaking in a solution of hot water, Dawn Dish Soapdish soap (like Dawn) and White Vinegarvinegar should do the trick. The soap should loosen the grease and the vinegar helps to dissolve it.

9. Put your kids to work scrubbing and scrubbing. I bet they won't talk back to you any more after a few minutes of scrubbing baked on grease.
10. No hope left, throw it away.

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