Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Difference Between Single-Fold, C-Fold, and Multi-Fold Paper Towels


Single fold, c-fold, and multi-fold paper towels are standard types of paper towels offered in commercial bathrooms. This includes bathrooms located in places like retail stores, churches, office complexes, public buildings, schools and hotels.  C-fold and multi-fold fit in paper towel dispensers, and many dispensers accommodate either type.  Single fold towels use different dispensers.


The sizes of vary by manufacturer.   They are approximately 9 to 13 inches long by 9 to 12 inches wide when opened up.  When closed, they are approximately 3 to 5 inches wide.  When purchasing towels for a dispenser, measure the dimensions of the dispenser to determine what size to order.


Although C-fold and multi-fold paper towels look similar, they differ in the way they are folded. A c-fold paper towel is folded in the shape of a "C," most noticeable when the towel is completely unfolded. C-fold paper towels are not interlocked, but instead they simply lie on top of each other. A multifold paper towel has a "Z" type fold to it. It is folded this way to allow the towels to interlock with each other.  Single fold towels are paper towels that are folded in half, in one single fold. This single folded towel is excellent for use in areas that require an economy line of washroom products due to high traffic and/or excessive towel use.  Single-fold towels come ready to load into single-fold towel dispensers, or they can be purchased in a pop-up box for one-at-a-time dispensing similar to facial tissues.


Single fold, C-fold, and multifold paper towels are available generally in white or a recycled brown color. The prices for these vary depending on size of package, distributor, ply and texture.  All three types of paper towels are relatively economic for public buildings. They are often less expensive than purchasing paper towels on the roll, although public buildings also commonly use roll paper towel.


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