Thursday, November 30, 2017

Giving Back - Calvary Children's Home

A Season of Giving - Calvary Children's Home

Please join us as we give thanks by giving back.  

This week we are proud to spotlight Calvary Children’s Home located in Smyrna, Georgia.  Over 50 years ago, Reverend Ben Turner watched six children, whose parents had died in an automobile accident, being separated and placed in four different homes.   Reverend Turner’s thoughts were, “If children can’t have the love and guidance of parents, they should at least be able to live together as brothers and sisters. If I could build a home large enough, I could keep all the children of one family together.” And thus, the birth of Calvary Children's Home.

There are currently over 400,000 displaced children in America on any given day.  Over 625,000 experience displacement throughout the year. Coming and going in and out of foster care every day.

Team Reliable is so proud and blessed to give back to just of few of America’s children in need. Reliable Paper gladly donated an extensive array of commercial kitchen products to update and expand their kitchen facility.   We concluded our visit with a large case of napkins, and a calling card when stock runs low. The gift that keeps giving when the need arises.

Calvary Children’s Home currently houses 32 displaced children and was excited to receive such large items to aid in food preparation for so many wonderful hungry tummies.  ‘What an honor this is!,’ stated Reliable Paper’s president, Brickford Faucette, photographed in the submission above. Indeed!  How great it feels when we can reach out and lift up children in need of a helping hand. 

Please stay tuned as we continue to share our journey into a month of giving with you, our Reliable community.

Your Reliable Team

A Season of Giving

 A Season of Giving

At Reliable Paper, our employees are passionate about giving time, money, and skill to address the issues facing our world. It’s part of our culture and how we live our mission.  When we give back, we strengthen our communities, the environment, and consequently, our employees and operations.

Poverty, displaced children, and addiction are just a few of the many areas creating crisis across America. Over the next several weeks, Reliable Paper will share our journey highlighting awareness and giving back to local charities making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. 

Stay tuned as we share our journey into a month of giving with you, our reliable community.

Your Reliable Team