Tuesday, September 23, 2014


In this new post from Supply Ninja "TO SHOP AROUND, OR TO CONSOLIDATE? THAT IS THE QUESTION!!" she explores two very different purchasing approaches. She states you can either consolidate your purchasing to one or a few select vendors, or you can shop around from vendor to vendor with the mission of getting the lowest pricing. In her words - LET'S EXPLORE:

Let's assume that you do have a few excellent vendor contacts. Lets assume you think you're getting a better price for another product at another vendor rather than buying everything from one single reliable source... here's why you're wrong.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reliable Paper Supports the Efforts of Nonprofit Group, Teen Challenge

Reliable Paper is happy to donate to rehabilitation non-profit Teen Challenge

Reliable Paper Inc., a supply chain solutions provider of low cost quality products for janitorial, restaurant, foodservice, home and office needs, supports the non-profit group Teen Challenge’s efforts to help men, women, children, and families who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse.

Teen Challenge opened in 1958 in New York and has rapidly grown to over 215 centers in the United States and over 1,200 world-wide. Teaching people how to regain control of their lives and become productive citizens of the community, the Teen Challenge program reaches out to those who would otherwise be living on the streets, on their way to prison, or worse—death.

Future generations are influenced positively as Teen Challenge makes an impact on the entire family. With the highest success rate in the nation, Teen Challenge is a place where lives aren't just changed, they’re transformed - families reunited, relationships restored, and broken hearts are made new. The Teen Challenge students learn how to live and love life without depending on drugs and alcohol to get through the day.

As avid believers in living healthy and constructive lives Reliable Paper is happy to contribute to such an important organization which provides support and care for those who have trouble dealing with addiction and rebuilding troubled lives.

To learn more about Teen Challenge, visit: www.TeenChallenge.net

About Reliable Paper

Reliable Paper Inc., located in Acworth, GA, is a locally-owned and operated business which embraces the “Golden Rule” in its daily business operations with their team members, customers and vendors.  The Reliable Paper e-commerce storefront was founded in 2006 and continues to provide quality wholesale supplies.

Featuring a broad variety of products for every business, Reliable Paper works diligently as a team to find the lowest prices available and pass those savings on to their customers. Make no mistake - selecting the company name Reliable Paper was well thought out, because they strive daily to be the reliable source for wholesale goods customers can count on. www.ReliablePaper.com

Savings. Selection. Service…The Reliable Advantage!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reliable Paper Inc. Sponsors the UGA Flagline

Reliable Paper will sponsor the University of Georgia’s Flagline to show their support for the Bulldogs.

Reliable Paper Inc., a supply chain solutions provider of low cost quality products for janitorial, restaurant, foodservice, home and office needs, will be on the UGA Flagline’s 2014-2015 annual poster for their sponsorship of the team.