Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cleaning Outside Will Benefit Entryways and Hallways

First impressions are always important, and the same holds true for your office buildings. So, when doing your spring cleaning and maintenance don’t forget the entrances to your buildings – and not just for the sake of appearances. While appearances matter, the cost savings and health benefits of keeping your outdoor entrances and areas clean benefits everyone.

Take for instance the mats you place in your entrance-way. Not only do mats pay for themselves in capturing soil and moisture if they’re maintained correctly, the entrance area will be easier to maintain - saving you time and maintenance costs. Even though they may not look soiled they should be vacuumed, swept and/or shaken on a regular basis, because if the entrance area can be kept free of grit and soils the insides will be easier to maintain as well.

Another example is keeping up with the garbage. Inspect and pull trash from any outside receptacles so that they do not become attractions to animals. Always inspect the container to make certain the liner hadn't ripped and left behind odors that can attract scavengers. If you detect any odors it is always better to be safe and clean the container to remove any scents, and as with the containers themselves, always be sure to inspect and clean any lids. Always inspect and spot clean any lids that become soiled. Inspect and clean door glass and side glass inside and out as needed. Give special attention to trim that can become dusted or soiled by birds or spider webs.

Every bit of cleaning helps and remember that not only do first impressions count and entrances are at the top of the list but keeping them tidy keeps your building more clean as well.

You can view a large variety of entrance mats by following the links below:

Indoor Mats from
Outdoor Mats from

Products like these can assist in making your job a bit easier when it comes to garbage:

Stout Insect Repellent Trash Bags from
Dumpster Deoderizer/Insect Repellent from

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