Saturday, September 25, 2010

Preparing for the Holidays

Holiday seasons are always fun when family members are reunited. Family reunions usually mean lots of delicious meals and gatherings. Make a simple checklist of the extra touches you need to take care of so you don't forget anything. Some points that you can add to your checklist include: provide extra seating from folding chairs and card tables you can have in your basement that would probably need a dusting or wipe, this also applies to ice buckets and coolers you may need too.

If you are expecting out of town guests make sure your guestroom gets a good dusting an vacuuming, spread new sheets and comforters and maybe use some fabric fragrance on your sheets. Also, check your holiday linen tablecloths and towels for any stains and a good wash should make them ready. Make sure your bowls, trays and plates are clean and match them up with enough matching silverware. If your plates, glasses and silverware were stored away take a careful look at their current shape. It's always better to give your glasses a quick run in the dishwasher and polish your silverware with silver polish.

When you're all set and waiting for your visitors it's always essential to make sure you have enough supply of disposable napkins and tissues. One of the major brands of tissue napkins is Scott. Scott napkins have been well known for their tough cleaning abilities and in the same time their softness on your skin. Family meals can always produce many messes especially when kids are around but with Scott napkins you can enjoy your time without fearing any messes. Especially with Scott Megacartridge napkins you can never go out of napkins for your guests. Sott napkins can be used to wipe any spilled liquids, wipe off any left overs left on the table and best used by your guests during and after meals. Also, with Scott White Megacartridge napkins you can easily reload with a high capacity. Scott napkins are a basic at your dining table and all around the house when it's the holiday season, don't cut down on the fun.


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